Real Estate and Construction

We provide a full range of legal services relating to real estate and construction – from advising developers on their day-to-day activities to representing in domestic courts and arbitration.

Our consultancy services cover legal due diligence of title to real estate, transactional work and advising on investment activity including PPP projects. We also have a specific experience in implementing FIDIC in contracts involving Russian parties.

We regularly represent clients in domestic courts on a wide range of matters relating to real estate and transaction. In particular, this includes buy-out of distressed assets in the course of insolvency proceedings.


Guerrilla tactics in arbitration and how to deal with them

Disputes involving parties from Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe can be anything but boring. Victor Dumler shares his experience in dozens of arbitrations under the rules of ICC, LCIA, SCC, ICAC and other arbitration institutions.    

Russian Arbitration Reform: Must Know For Users

Russia is going through a major arbitration reform: as of 1 September 2016, the new legal framework came into force and thus triggered some very substantial changes in this area. The legislator has kept the original dualism in regulating international and domestic arbitration separately. In practical terms, it means that one would have to check whether its dispute falls within the scope of international or domestic arbitration and also whether a particular arbitral institution has the right to hear international or domestic cases, or both.… More

The effect of sanctions on international arbitration

The study showed about the users ' preferences in the choice of the arbitration rules, applicable law and place of arbitration. Despite the fact that key European centres remained the leader, the Russian companies are carefully studying the possibility of transferring their disputes in arbitration centres in South-East Asia.
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Baltic Arbitration Days 2017

Victor Dumler to speak at the Baltic Arbitration Days organized under the auspices of Deutsche Institution für Shiedsgerichtsbarkeit (DIS).

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