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EUR 5.5 million case against our client dismissed

Dumler and Partners represented a company doing demolition work at a hazardous industrial facility.
The facility’s owner filed a lawsuit to recover more than RUB 450 million (approx. EUR 5.5 million) in damages due to a fire. The claimant based its claims on alleged defects in the work that caused a fire in the ventilation system. From there, the flames quickly spread throughout the shop and destroyed all of the tools and equipment.
The case was heard by trial, appellate and cassation courts and lasted more than two years. The trial court granted the claimant’s claims.
We managed to prove during the appeal that our client’s actions had not caused the fire.
The higher courts supported our position. The trial court’s decision was reversed and the claim was dismissed in its entirety.
The court also awarded our client costs.